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Die Cut Adhesive Gaskets

When a client initially contacted TSG, Inc. seeking various quotes per print using several different raw material suppliers, we quickly discovered that our customer was having serious difficulties with their original die cut adhesive gaskets.  The gaskets they were using suffered many adhesive failures, and caused manufacturing bottlenecks that affected their bottom line.  The client required additional tooling to complete any installation work.  And, the extra cost, lead time, and scrap rate caused by the failures of this original gasket was consistently generating problems with their ordering system.

TSG, Inc. decided to work with this client to develop a new gasket that would have improved adhesive performance capabilities and help eliminate many of the manufacturing obstructions that were taking place on their production lines.   First, we developed a lower cost material with a much higher, 1800 degree Fahrenheit temperature rating.  This rating was almost four times higher than that possessed by the original material, which contained a temperature rating of just 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  This new, highly functional adhesive allowed for the removal of two assembly point processes, and helped to reduce production costs.

Yet, despite our ability to eliminate material adhesive issues, there were still problems with our new gasket, as the liner was difficult to remove during manufacturing, causing further production line problems.  Our company developed a personalized liner removal system that could easily be ripped from the part and would not affect our client’s high production speed, while still keeping costs low.  Once this new feature was developed, we then traveled directly to our client’s facilities in order to train employees on how to assemble our new gasket.

Undergoing several revisions, material tests, line trials, and international travel back and forth to our customer’s facilities, this project took our company almost two years to complete.  But, our devotion and willingness to work with our client inspired our persistence.  And, it is due to TSG, Inc.’s commitment to our buyers that we were able to succeed in our endeavor to drive the design and development of a gasket that met with client requirements, solving many of our customer’s most troubling manufacturing complaints.

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Customer was looking for a gasket material to replace their existing gasket material, because they were having difficulties with the adhesive bonding to the low surface energy gasket material.  These adhesive failures created issues in the production processes and forced the OEM to use secondary adhesives in the application.


TSG proposed a higher performing gasket material that was easier to adhere to.  A pull tab was applied to the liner to insure that the liner could be removed quickly for this high volume application.  The new raw material was superior in all key performance criteria, yet it was a significant price reduction  to the customer.  Once the project was complete, TSG’s sales engineers were on site to train the line operators on how to assemble the new gasket.

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UL94 VO, 450°F Temperature Rating

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Die Cut High Temperature Gasket