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Profile Extruded Lighting Lens with Diffuser Film

TSG Resolute was asked by a lighting manufacture to help them create a light fixture lens for an LED light Fixture. The customer wanted to hide the individual LED pixels of light in the fixture. Because of the close proximity of the LED’s to the lens, the solution was two-fold.

First, we met with a resin supplier that produced a specific resin formulated to work with LED lights. This resin provided superior hiding power with the highest light transmission available on the market today.

Once the appropriate resin was selected, we then supplied several samples of die cut diffuser films along with the extruded lens to the OEM to let them perfect the exact look that the customer wanted in their fixture. Since TSG Resolute die cuts a variety of films, with different transmission and diffusion properties and different price points, the OEM was able to get the look that they wanted from the fixture at a price point they wanted.


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Product Description

Extruded Acrylic LED Lighting Lens


Extrusion, Resin Blending, & Die Cutting

Material Used

Acrylic Resin, Propriety Diffuser Resin, PET Film

Industry for Use

Lighting Industry

Standards Met

Light Efficiency Standards & Aesthetics

Product Name

Extruded Acrylic Light Lens