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Die Cut Nested Gasket Frames with 3M Adhesive

TSG Resolute was contacted by a start-up, e-commerce company in search of different sizes of foam gasket frames, with 3M adhesive on one side, to be used around the perimeter of small dry-erase boards. The gasket frames needed to be soft to the touch, but they did not need to allow compression set for aesthetic reasons. TSG Resolute ran trials with several different foams to find the one that gave the customer’s desired results. 3M’s Thin Bonding Application was also used to help narrow down the choices of suitable adhesives for the application of bonding foam to a dry-erase surface.

And while the solution was established, the pricing was not competitive because of all the waste generated in the middle of each gasket frame. TSG Resolute was able to work through development with the customer to adjust the different frame sizes so they could be nested inside of each other. This greatly reduced the cost of production for the customer.

The customer is now working on a next generation of this product and is relying on their partnership with TSG Resolute to help ensure a superior product at competitive price.

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Product Description

Gasket frames that are soft to the touch, but do not allow compression set. PSA is required on one side for bonding to dry-erase surface.


Lamination, Nested Die Cut

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Standards Met

Customer supplied initial drawing and concept. Development was done by TSG Resolute Sales and Engineering to produce a competitive product that met the customer’s expectations.

Product Name

Die Cut Nested Gasket Frames