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Die Cut Solution for Lighting Company

A customer from the Lighting Industry reached out to TSG Resolute for help with a unique raw material that required very sensitive handling to eliminate tearing, fingerprints, and any contamination of the raw material.
The customer was having quality and delivery issues that were causing delays in 3 high volume production parts. They asked TSG Resolute to get involved to come up with a solution to eliminate the issues.

TSG Resolute had never die cut this particular material before and we brought together our Engineering, Production, and Sales team to come up with a solution to the customer’s current problem. The problem was the parts were tearing as they were coming of off the kiss-cut roll. They had a reject rate of around 20% on the parts and it was taking too much time in the production cells to sort the good parts from the bad parts. The rejected parts were causing shortages resulting in line down situations.

The sales representative and plant manager for TSG Resolute traveled up to the plant to observe the issues that were occurring in the production cells. We were able to determine that we could fix the issue by adjusting the tension and pressure of the die during the die-cutting process. We also discussed the EAU’s for each part and we were able to establish internal Kanbans for raw material and finished goods to provide the customer with a 3 day lead time.

In the end, TSG Resolute was able to provide the customer with a cost savings on all of the parts, eliminate the current quality issues, and deliver the parts within a much lower lead time.

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Case Study Details
Product Description

Customer was looking for solution to a current issue with a Die Cut material. Quality and late orders from current supplier were causing production delays.


TSG Resolute was able to come up with a better solution on die cutting the parts and worked out a Kanban system for lower lead times on parts.

Material Used

3M™ Mirrored Film

Industry for Use


Standards Met

Customer supplied current parts and TSG Resolute was able to fix the quality issue

Product Name

Die Cut 98.5% 3M reflective film