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Film 3D Lens to Replace Molded and Coated Polycarbonate

While working in the lighting industry on location with a customer, an engineer posed a question about how to create a better light reflector in an architectural lighting fixture.

The issue was that the fixture used a molded polycarbonate lens and there were 16 per unit. This was expensive and would not make it to production as it was designed due to costs.

TSG Resolute’s solution was to create a folding die cut using 3M™ Specular Film D50F to produce the same shape without the cost and issues of a molded and coated polycarbonate lens. TSG Resolute helped the engineer to design the correct shape and work through how it would interact with the unit.

Using the D50F product from 3M gave the customer the reflectivity and longevity needed at a lower cost point than the molded and coated process. TSG’s capabilities and help allowed the customer to create a 3D model from a 2D material.

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98.5% Reflective Specular Film


Die Cutting, Robotic Folding

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Lighting Industry

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Light Transmission & Reflectivity