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Hot Wire Ignition Shield for the Appliance Industry

A customer in the appliance industry contacted TSG Resolute requesting that the recommendation of a superior material to Nomex Aramid Fiber to act as a Flame Barrier for the timer shield. It had to be 94-5VA and pass the rigid hot wire ignition test in the appliance industry.

The Aramid Fiber being used was failing the hot wire ignition test, there were supply issues on this Aramid Fiber because the material was on allotment at the time, and the pricing was high with few options for competitive quotes.

TSG Resolute worked with 3M and the OEM to test Thermalvolt 3-5-3 which is a two layers of calendared organic Aramid Fiber paper and has a 5 mil Mylar layer sandwiched in between.

TSG Resolute sampled the customer via our rapid prototyping program with the Thermalvolt 3-5-3 for testing. The Thermalvolt passed the test with no issues and was vastly superior as a flame barrier to the Aramid fiber the OEM had been using. In addition to the performance, this was a substantial cost savings for the company.

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High Temperature UL 94 5VA Flame Barrier and Electrical Insulator


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UL 94 5VA  & Hot Wire Ignition Test

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